I’m Rachel Weingarten and style is my business. Well, that may be the oversimplified if somewhat nebulous version of what I do.

I’m a polymath. A Jill of all trades. A skillionaire  who’s been called a serial entrepreneur*, hotshot consultant**, one of the new faces of philanthropy***, celebrity style maven**** and a marketing guru*****.

The short bio includes my current status as a marketing/branding strategist & trends analyst and award-winning writer and author of two books Hello Gorgeous! Beauty Products in America ’40s-’60s (which will be reissued in 2012) and Career and Corporate Cool®. Clients past and present run the gamut from companies, celebrities, political figures and properties including Nokia, Nuance Communications, Links of London, Yale University, the Harry Potter book series, American Idol, Christina Aguilera, The Gossip Girl book and TV series and many more.

I am among other things a former celebrity makeup artist and owner of the first low-fat muffin business approved by the FDA. I worked on the internet back when most pages were grey or naughty and created or launched some of the world’s most beloved websites in a time when most people didn’t quite know what the internet was. I designed my first line of clothing at the age of sixteen. I’ve lectured at universities including New York University and The Fashion Institute of Technology graduate programs on subjects including personal branding and the history of cosmetic and fragrance marketing.

I’ve created style sections for top newspapers and publications  and stand-alone style sections for magazines and websites. I’ve produced events around the Academy Awards, The Tonys, The Grammys, Fashion Week and The Golden Globes. I’ve worked with a roster of clients that run the gamut from big Pharma to snack foods, to cosmetics, movies and politicians. I’ve created, written scripts for and acted as the on-air talent for my own show about women entrepreneurs on CNN. I’m regularly quoted or featured in top-tier publications, programs and outlets that include the AP, NY Times and The Wall Street Journal to Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines.

I’m fortunate enough to live in a time and place when being multi-faceted is celebrated instead of denigrated. When I worked more exclusively as a marketing strategist, I’d frequently write under a pseudonym since I didn’t want to confuse or distract clients. These days, I’ve managed to combine my skills and experience to be able to work as both a marketing strategist/trends analyst and award-winning writer along with a side order of consulting on some of my favorite topics including small business, beauty history and modern business etiquette.

While I’ve maintained an online presence for over a decade and a half, it’s only recently that I’ve decided to organize my professional self into categories. This site has a short break down of each. Feel free to click on the links to find out more about me and what I do.

Racheletc.com: My online hub which will lead you to my other websites. (You’re here now)

Two Bites Media: My day job is as a marketing strategist and president of Two Bites Media formerly known as Interrobang LLC/  [GTK] Marketing Group

by: Rachel Weingarten: I’m also an award-winning lifestyle author and writer

The Conflicted Minimalist: I sporadically blog about my efforts to pare down my life and possessions (you can see where the conflict comes into play :)

Beauty Historian: I regularly write about, consult on issues relating to (including film, television and museums) and lecture about the history of beauty, the beauty industry and cosmetics products and marketing.

You can also find me on IMDB & Wikipedia.

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And I kinda, sorta still get a cheap thrill out of the fact that my picture and information were featured in a promotion in Times Square recently in a promotional spot for a live chat that I did for ProfNet Connect/PR Newswire (those would be the folks who refer to me as a marketing guru)

*CNN Money

** Washington Post

*** Crain’s New York Business

****ABC News

*****PR Newswire