Event Marketer

EMM is founded in 2002 to serve both large and small corporations and help them with the information that they need to strategize in different aspects of marketing including face-to-face marketing, mobile marketing, mall marketing, street events, trade shows, corporate events, buzz marketing, street events, press events, and virtual events. Event Marketer Magazine is also known for their content implementation and strategies. They release bi-monthly EM Buzz newsletter and flagship magazine. The company masters the management of content for event marketers and executive across different platforms and niche. Check out their website to learn more about Event Marketer.

Advertising Age

85-year old Advertising Age provides the latest news, trends, and in-depth discussion regarding marketing and media community. The ongoing coverage of strategic marketing in AdAge has been a popular item and a hot talk between marketers alike. Stuff like digital marketing, traditional marketing, social media marketing, SEO and more are discussed in the website by professionals and new marketing people. The company also makes an annual report of advertising ranking which will be published across different platforms on the web. Visit their website and discover a whole new world of marketing and new strategies and trends.


MarketingSherpa started as a research firm which focuses on tracking the best marketing strategies and implementing them through trial and error. Their research is shared and can be greatly beneficial to all marketers out there. They give the whole marketing community an inspiration, motivation, even guide to improve any marketing strategies.  They aim to help marketers in any niches or any country across the globe. Their name Sherpa came from the essential guides in Nepal when tourists seek to climb the tallest mountain, Mt. Everest. Thus, MarketingSherpa seeks to guide everyone in their journey towards a successful marketing campaign.


MarketingProfs speak for itself. It is website haven for marketers wannabe or even professionals who seek to learn more or learn the new trends of today’s marketing era. MarketingProfs provide quality marketing education from real-life circumstances; they also provide training and other content that might be helpful for the growth of marketing knowledge. Their top topics include the trending aspects of today’s digital marketing like social media, email marketing and implementation of different marketing strategy across different platforms on the world wide web. Visit their website to learn more about MarketingProfs and start learning from professionals.

Chief Marketer Network

CMN is run by Access Intelligence which is the leading source of marketing information. Chief Marketer Network caters unparalleled marketing services to top clients and professionals. They use different combinations of marketing strategies and platforms to achieve a world-class marketing success. They also specialize in events, e-letters, data and digital products, e-learning, magazines and e-media solutions. CMN implemented a strategized and developed marketing plans that include measurable strategies, tactics, techniques that can be modified and improve depending on the needs of their clients. The company also received various awards like PRO Awards and MARC Awards.

Internet Marketing Ninjas

IMN is a digital marketing firm that helps client to exceed marketing goals and quota. They inspire marketer and customers through their brand stories and unique content. They aspire to achieve and go beyond the expectations of their clients. Their goal is to make a fun working environment for everyone in the team and at the same time deliver a quality marketing strategy that could help their clients to win the industry competition. They give the everyone the freedom to innovate and experiment with marketing campaign that could lead to a better marketing strategies.


Pronto is a dedicated marketing company that helps professional and even fresh graduates to learn the mastery and the art of perfect marketing. Owned by Derek Brown who initially had a small business soon partnered with his son, Cory, to build the Pronto community and help bridge the gap between the companies and their marketing dilemma. Pronto focuses on providing clients with quality websites and efficient marketing strategy that would help the company rise above the competition. Today, with over 1000 customers around the globe, Pronto continues to grow and improve their marketing efforts to help more people succeed.